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Community Groups

    Teens have their special time together every Wednesday night. So do the children. But, what about us Adults? Don't we need a special time dedicated to help us connect with friends also? Absolutely, we do. That is the purpose of our Community Groups. At 6th Avenue, we have Three Core Values known as Serve, Love, Pray. Serve means every believer should have a personal Ministry. Pray refers to our private and corporate Worship of God.

    Love refers to our obligation to love God and Man with all of our heart, soul, and strength. You can only learn how to love in God's way by being connected to a Community of close-knit friends. To help you connect with supportive friends, a spiritual family of sorts, you need to join one of our Community Groups.

    Currently, our Community Groups meet at the church building at the following times:

  • Sunday Morning, 9:00am -
           Community Group for Adults (coed)

  • Wednesday Night, 6:30pm -
           Community Group for Adults (coed)

  • Wednesday Night, 6:30pm -
           Community Group for Young Adults

  Christian Women Connection

    Our women participate in this international ministry connected with the Church of God, and are very active in a host of fun activities just for women. Ranging from hosting meals, church socials, fundraisers, to the Secret-Sister game, they like to do a lot together.

    The 6th Avenue women are also very competitive and take turns hosting Bunco games on the 1st Monday of every month.

Men's Group

    Our men are active in encouraging one another, and regularly get together just to socialize--- they're also quick to lend a hand at the church of with a family in need. The 6th Avenue men love competitive games ranging from golf, hosting cook-offs, to a late night game of Risk.

  ACE Classes

    Designed for the fast-paced, hectic schedules of today's adults, these are intensive training and discipleship classes held one night a week on a rotating basis every quarter to help equip those adults who feel God calling them to take their Christian journey and ministry up a notch or two.

    ACE Classes stand for Accelerated Christian Education classes. Each class requires a lot of independent study, and is designed to be completed in 5 or 6 weeks.

    Current ACE Classes:

  • ACE - 1 : How to Study the Bible
  • ACE - 2 : How to Lead Someone to Christ
  • ACE - 3 : How to Teach Children & Adults
  • ACE - 4 : How to Lead a Ministry Team
  • ACE - 5 : Thy Kingdom Come - A Primer on End Time Prophecies

Pastor's Rookie School

    Everyone feels shy and out of place when they start attending a new church. As a retired Captain in the Fire Department, Todd knows how important it is to teach the "Rookies" at 6th Avenue the basics so they can connect, make strong friendships, and start growing deep roots in our fellowship as soon as possible.

    The Pastor's Rookie school is designed to do just that and teaches people new to 6th Avenue the key subjects needed to get you connected and putting down roots as soon as possible.

    The class is taught on an "as needed" basis and covers the following subjects: General information about the Church of God Reformation Movement, 6th Avenue's vision, Spiritual gift assessment, and Basic Tools to help you mature as a disciple of Christ. Through this class, you will learn all about our fellowship at 6th Avenue and find a place to connect with friends.

    If you are new to 6th Avenue, typically you should:

  • Start attending the weekly Worship Service on Sundays at 1030 a.m. We don't believe in "memberships", so everyone is welcome.

  • During your first month of regular attendance, try a few of our Community Groups until you find the one you like bestů then commit to it and start attending regularly. (You can start or change Community Groups as soon as you want.)

  • Take the Pastor's Rookie School the next time it is offered. It will help you get involved at 6th Avenue fast and painlessly. After completing the class, you will be formally presented to the church as a new participant in our fellowship with full voting privileges.

  • Get involved in one of our many ministries and start serving God and receiving that abundant life that results.

  • After you have put roots down at 6th Avenue for a few months, take the series of ACE Classes to help prepare you for roles of leadership.

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